📹 Live: Mock Amazon Interviews + Load Balancing Algorithms
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📹 Live: Mock Amazon Interviews + Load Balancing Algorithms

This week in Interview Camp's Live Session, we did mock behavioral interviews, focusing on Amazon Leadership principles. As you might already know, Amazon focuses a lot on Leadership Principles (https://www.amazon.jobs/en/principles).

When conducting behavioral interviews, they try to extract signals that you follow those principles. They encourage you to tailor your answers towards them. For example, did you resolve a conflict with a coworker and it resulted in improved user experience? You've demonstrated the "Customer Obsession" leadership principle.

Notes from the Session:

We also discussed Load Balancing Algorithms. This is a popular interview question. Let's say you Have a load balancer and N servers. How will you decide the algorithm to route requests?

Here are notes from our discussion:

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