📹 Live: Design Ticketmaster - Mock Interview + Solution Discussion
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📹 Live: Design Ticketmaster - Mock Interview + Solution Discussion

In Interview Camp's Live Session today, we discussed a common problem - Design a ticket booking system. Here is the problem statement:

You want to design a website for booking movie tickets - Ticketmaster for movies. Users can browse movies. They can also pick seats and book them. We will focus on scaling this design. Let’s say you have a blockbuster movie release. How can we ensure that tickets are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis in a sudden surge of traffic?

We went quite deep into the ticket reservation system:

  1. What happens if many users try to book a seat at the same time?
  2. We ended up following the approach of reserving seats during checkout. When a user checks out, there will be a countdown. For example, you have 5 minutes to complete checkout or the seat is released.
  3. This led to discussions about how to use Memcached and In Memory DBs to help reserve these seats faster.
  4. We discussed several tradeoffs that are likely to help in interview discussions.

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