📹 Live: Design Facebook News Feed Backend
1 min read

📹 Live: Design Facebook News Feed Backend

In today's live session, we covered high volume backend design for a news feed like Facebook or Twitter.

With news feeds, it is important to understand the tradeoffs between reads and writes and adjust your design accordingly. We conducted a live mock interview on the call and asked the candidate to change their design for different use cases. For example:

  • When a celebrity account gains millions of followers, how would you adjust your news feed to accomodate for it?
  • What if you have to push changes live to each user? How will your design change in that case?
  • How do you manage writes at scale? What components would you add to ensure throughput?

Notes from the class are given below. As usual, to attend these classes live, please sign up for our trial at InterviewCamp.io