📹 Live: Design a Job Scheduler with Multithreading
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📹 Live: Design a Job Scheduler with Multithreading

In Interview Camp's Live Session today, we discussed a common design problem - design a job scheduler. A job scheduler has a simple interface - you're given a job and a start time for the job. Your scheduler should run the job at the prescribed start time.

The typical design for this question contains a Min Heap of tasks. An executor thread picks up the task that has the Min start_time, waits for the start time, and then executes the task.

Pop the Heap, thread.wait(), execute

We do this in a loop.

During the session, we wrote code for this problem, attached below in the document.

We also discussed race conditions - how to find and resolve them.

We have attached notes from the discussion below. To access these live, please join our trial at Interview Camp!